Green Purchasing

UNCG recognizes the many choices in procuring materials and services for your work. To help you think through your choices we have provided questions for buyers to consider, facts about green purchasing myths, examples of product certification labeling and additional resources from the local, state, and national level.

Look for the Following Logos

Look for These Logos

Consider These Questions
  • Is it durable and will it last a long time?
  • Does it contain recycled content?
  • What maintenance is required?
  • Can it be recycled?
  • Does it save water?
  • Does it save energy?
  • Is it available in bulk?
  • How far with it be shipped?
  • Are raw materials being extracted to make it?
  • Are there equivalent options with less packaging?
Green Purchasing Myths
  • Myth
    Greener products always cost more money.
  • Truth
    In many cases, going green can actually save money!
  • Myth
    Greener products are not high quality.
  • Truth
    Today’s greener options are nothing like those of the past.
  • Myth
    Your small changes cannot make a difference.
  • Truth
    Little things add up if we “Do something bigger altogether.”