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The Green Office(G.O.) Certification program is a tool for offices to further the culture of sustainability at UNCG. It is designed to centralize sustainability guides, and be a vector of sustainability education and implementation so that offices can become the best, most sustainable offices they can be!

There are more than 60 credits and 3 levels of certification so LET’S G.O.!!!

Things to Know:

There are 10 mandatory credits to be a participant office in the G.O. program, as well as mandatory participation of at least 75% of your office.

Smaller parts offices that contain more than 25 employees may choose to participate with a fragment of their office containing a minimum of 5 participating employees.

Certifications last for 3 years before re certification is necessary.

The 10 mandatory credits can be seen in the Credit Worksheet below. This program is not meant to be out of reach for any office. Please send any additional questions or concerns to uncgsus@uncg.edu .

The 3 Green Office 3.0 Program forms you will need:

First read this!: Step by Step Instructions
Green Office

Then use this: Participation Signature Sheet

Finally complete this!!: Green Office 3.0 Credit Sheet


The following links can be found in the appropriate credit field of the credit worksheet (above), but they are also listed here for your convenience.


Participation Forms